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  • What You Should Know… The most expensive real estate market in the world is located in the UK, more precisely - in London. This is where everything is sold…

London real estate ratings: what happens on the market today

London housing market is the most attractive target for investment, according to data from Gordon Rock in 2013. This information is confirmed by eloquent figures voiced by Savills experts – for the last seven years through purchase of real estate in London, the treasury was replenished with £44,000,000 of funds received from foreign investors; over 110,000 of foreign investors has been attracted to the market in the recent years. At the same time nearly 50% of them are primarily interested in the purchasing of elite objects, worth between £1,200,000 and above.

Such impressive figures are reflected in many other reports of independent consulting agencies and media portals. High demand is caused by the stability of the economic situation of the market, real estate prices in London’s independence from the fluctuations of shares, government securities and etc. High demand creates high competition, which in turn artificially provokes the rising of real estate prices.

Analysts have explored the main target audience of buyers, who have shown the most activity in the residential property segment. Experts from Savills shared the observation that the most numerous category is a group of Asian investors – namely, natives of China and Hong Kong. In 2014 they have carried out more than 27% of all the transactions for the purchase of real estate in London, which is also confirmed in a number of official conveyance solicitors reports. The most common transaction is the purchase of the apartments of the primary market, located in the central waters of the Thames. The largest number of Chinese natives of operations has been made in the following areas: Hampstead, Kensington, Mayfair, Soho, Chelsea and The City. Such a high reward activity significant earnings, which amounted to approximately 18% of annual income.

In addition to the frequency of transactions, the Chinese were able to hold the maximum number of purchases of the most expensive real estate in London, which was launched on the market at a price of £10,000,000. Investments in residential properties of similar price category were among the most crucial factors that ultimately allowed the Chinese to make money on the annual growth in housing costs.

Another large category is buyers from Western Europe. Characteristically, these investors are interested in the secondary housing market. In total they have conducted 13.6% of all the transactions. Analysts from Savills went even further – in terms of activity they are compared with foreigners in other countries, such as the US and Canada, as well as the local buyer. As for the US investors, their sales share has reached just 3.3% level. High activity in the purchase of residential properties was observed in immigrants from Arab countries. This group of customers is represented by the Egyptians, Turks, Iraqis, Jews, Moroccans, etc. The greatest success of the investment was reportedly reached by Turks, who have managed to earn on investment in real estate about 39% of the increase in capital. Experts from the agency Knight Frank explained this fact by which is now raging in Turkey. The maximum activity of Turks was observed in Chelsea, Belgravia, Westminster, Mayfair, as well as in the City – all of the above are the central districts of the capital.

UK student apartments in a nutshell: types, trends and investment opportunities

Despite the current economic and political situation in the world, and especially in the market of raw materials, the interest in investing in abroad real estate remains fairly stable and even increasing. One of the most promising options for today investment in overseas property is the acquisition of student accommodation in the UK. It is in steady demand from tenants, it does not require large investments and has good yield.

No law gives the exact definition of what the student real estate is. This term came up from the sellers and developers, and it typically implies a small area housing of varying quality, localised in cities with a high concentration of large institutions; such objects are often located in close proximity to universities or college campuses. And the most common use of student property accounts for the countries with a high level of education – the US, UK, Germany and France. But, perhaps, the first place in this list still belongs to Albion, which is not only one of the biggest markets of education, but also attracts the largest share of foreign students. English education is considered to be very prestigious and gives amazing professional opportunities after graduation.

In 2013, the number of students in the UK increased by 3.5% (compared with the previous year) and amounted to 2,584,027. And according to HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), from 2000 to 2012 the number of students in universities and colleges has increased from 1,948,135 to 2,496,6645 people (or about 1.5 million), approximately 435.235 of which were non-UK residents. These figures, of course, attract private investors, especially given the accessibility of this method: a decade earlier it was only available to large funds and banks; now initially you only need £5,000 to join the project, plus cover the legal expenses on conveyance solicitors.

In the UK student property can be divided into two types. The first one represents small apartments or studios in the ordinary apartment buildings, located within walking distance from the university, as well as multi-room apartments and houses. Rather than providing these objects for rent by families of several individuals, they are divided into rooms and leased to students. The second type of student housing represents special facilities: this may be new projects near the university and rebuilt buildings that were previously used for another purpose. In practice, you can find very decent student apartments, reconstructed from schools, hospices, and even old mills.

Specially built complexes for students are called the Purpose Built Student Housing (PBSH). They typically represent modern gated complexes with residential premises and associated infrastructure: sport and fitness centers, clubs, entertainment, shared lounges, kitchens, dining rooms, laundries and classrooms equipped with everything necessary for effective studying. The residential units of such facilities have a small area largely ranging from 14 to 20 m2, and studio areas larger than 18 m2. The rooms usually have furniture, as well as a private shower, toilet and a small kitchen area. In fact, we are talking about nothing, but very comfortable, luxury class dormitory.

Savvy Real Estate Investments: The UK Way

Acquiring property abroad is a serious undertaking that requires setting clear investment objectives and goals. Why do you buy the property, when do you expect it to pay back and for how long? What funds are you planning to use: personal or borrowed? All these questions need to give an answer, and only a good understanding of investment objectives to start the selection of the object.

Analysis of the construction sector and real estate market in London has allowed experts to conclude favorable trends that ensure the profitability of investing in finance, combined with maximum economy – we are talking about the sale of real estate in London economy class.

Budget property and housing economy categories are a major interest for the non-residents from CIS countries, Eastern and Central Europe. Initially, the first wave of real estate sales of fuel-efficient options falls on the period of the 80s, the transactions in this period were mainly conducted by Arabic countries reps. However, since 2000, domestic investors were the main contributors to the budget accommodation in London. According to statistics, every 15th house, bought in London, belongs to Russian investors. Property transactions in the London economy in the suburbs reveals a large share of CIS and Mid East investors. This is due to a large percentage of students, immigrants and less wealthy investors. Such specificity investments dictates the government of London certain building rules: projected budget sleeping quarters are built dormitories, commercial office buildings of lower, yet still decent class.

The most economical option of residential property in London can be a studio apartment in the so-called slums of London. In certain quarters, the cost of a one-room apartment can start from as little as 50,000 thousand pounds. A large share of economy class real estate in London also accounts for sleeping quarters in the typical multi-storey prefabricated houses. The price of one-room apartments of average size is equal to an average of 150,000 thousand pounds. For comparison, the average cost of luxury apartments in a respectable area of London, Knightsbridge, reaches as high as 6.5 million pounds. However, the price would be larger due to the legal expenses – a participation of conveyance solicitors is essential to complete a purchase according to normal practices (the cost ranges within a few percent from the total price of the premises).

Considering the property options in the eastern region of London is another direction worthy of considering. The estimated cost of apartments in the east of London ranges from 150,000 – 250,000 thousand pounds. East London boasts the most cost-effective price per square meter of living space, ranging from 3.5 to 5 thousand pounds, which is a bargain against the background of, let’s say, West London, where the cost per square meter is way higher and varies from 13 to 15 thousand pounds per square meter; and of course, it is hardly comparable with the elite districts where the price per square meter easily goes beyond 20k.

A look at decent real estate options in London: Chiswick Point and Dollar Bay

Potential buyers looking to invest in profitable housing, but running on a relatively tight budget, should definitely pay attention to residential complex at Chiswick Point, located in the fast growing area of Chiswick. This residential complex is the best place to stay for those who appreciate safety, comfort and silence as Chiswick Point is erected in the recreational area with a picturesque pond, waterfall and park area. At the same time the infrastructure of the residential complex leaves nothing to be desired from investment standpoint – it’s just a 30 minutes walk to the district of South Kensington. The district boasts numerous shopping areas – fashionable boutiques, restaurant complexes and respectable café. The complex is located in a walking distance to the prestigious Imperial College.

Chiswick Point represents a large-scale construction project, which offers 1 – 3 bedroom apartments ranging in size from 52 m2 to 120 m2. Their cost is determined by the dimensions of the area of the apartments and varies from £424,995 – £1,560,000. All the apartments are offered with modern technical devices with high-quality eco-friendly finishing on board. All the finishing and tech appliances come with the warranty of up to 2 years. The minimum amount of reservation fee, established by developers does not exceed £2,500.

Dollar Bay housing options

The increased interest of investors from around the world to the building in Canary Wharf, Dollar Bay complex, is triggered by a multiplicity of factors. This spectacular skyscraper in Art Nouveau style is located in one of the largest financial centers of the city. Few buildings in London can offer such a wide range of residential facilities – all in a the complex offers 111 large-size apartments with a modern layout and a personal a conservatory. Analysts believe that the construction project will inevitably enjoy success and a sharp rise in property prices in the short term prospects, largely due to a stunning location of the complex – it’s just in 10 minutes walk from Waterloo, 15 minutes drive from the Royal Green Park, close proximity to the River Thames and sumptuous views of its waters. Well-maintained infrastructure Dollar Bay area is famous for, allows the apartment owners to use subway lines of Canary Wharf or South Quay.

At the moment the complex offers 15 comfortable studio apartments in an area of 35.5 m2, 40-to large-size one-bedroom apartments, 38 apartments with two bedrooms and an area of 105 m2. The most upmarket complex includes a spacious three-room apartments, the area of which exceeds 115.4 m2 and penthouses on the top floor of Dollar Bay. Each residential facility is equipped with modern equipment from well-known manufacturers, trimmed with high-quality and natural materials, which will extend the guarantee period up to 2 years.

What You Should Know About UK Real Estate in 500 words

The most expensive real estate market in the world is located in the UK, more precisely – in London. This is where everything is sold and rented at a lightning speed. Taking into account a relatively small territory, the rapidly growing population and the high international demand for housing, a shortage in real estate opportunities is observed almost permanently.

Despite the above, the government is trying to maintain reasonable regulations and approaches, it even leaves room for the green park areas and is engaged in the reconstruction of industrial areas, theaters and galleries. Thus, officials are trying to preserve the historical past of London. Interestingly, most people live in small country houses, rather than in high-rise buildings. And if someone says that to buy an apartment or house in London is very simple, it is not true.

The features of the property market

The real estate market in the UK controls the land legislation, which has not changed since the time of William the Conqueror. In this regard, the purchase of real estate regulations are quite different from the international standards. It is important to know that the land of England is the property of Her Majesty the Queen, and people are only entitled to use the buildings that are located there temporarily (although for long periods of time).

Consequently, ‘property ownership’ is divided into several types. Freehold is the type allowing its owners to competently manage the property and do with it whatever he or she deems necessary in consultation with the relevant authority. This type of property is best suited under the criteria of most countries. It has been the most common type of acquired real estate in England for a long time, but now its share is shifting to the lower side. Shared ownership represents a subspecies of the previous type of ownership. It implies the existence of a two or more equal owners. When buying a house in the UK within the ‘long-term lease agreement’, this property is referred to as ‘leasehold’. This type of ownership implies the temporary use of the apartment or house. The contract must be clearly stated who is the owner of a temporary and has to pay the rent for the land. According to conveyance solicitors report published at solicitors.guru, one of the largest legal platforms where you can find solicitors in Harrogate (York and all over North Yorkshire), this type is recently gaining momentum due to its affordability against the background of freehold.  There are contracts, for example, implying the ownership of no physical objects (so you don’t own walls or ceiling). If the tenant wants to make alterations to the premises, he or she must get a special permission to do so. The contract can be signed for the period from 23 to 1000 years. The buildings, which are acquired for more than 90 years, are called virtual freehold, because their value is equal to the value of freehold houses. Since the lease expires, the yearly property falls in price. When leasehold expires, then comes the appraiser and prolongs its life. Under the terms of long lease the tenant has the opportunity to buy real estate in a freehold.